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Women Matter Canada (WMC) is a Canadian women's national not for profit organization. It was originally founded in the spring of 2019 by a group of women in anticipation of a fall election being called. WMC continues as a grassroots organization that is volunteer driven and completely non-partisan.
WMC's goal is to inform the public and politicians on how women have been negatively affected by the passage of Bill C-16 and corresponding policies. For the next Federal election, WMC will ask politicians to recognize the sex-based reality of women and to reflect this reality in the definition and in law.
We ask elected officials and policy to commit to:
  1. Recognizing women as a distinct class based on biological sex;
  2. Repealing or amending C-16 and related policies to recognize the unique reality of women based on biological sex; and,
  3. Reinforce female sex rights through the reversal of policies that have over-interpreted C-16.
These will ensure that the unique needs of women and girls are met, preserved and acknowledged while strengthening the basic rights of privacy, safety, and dignity that have been eroded over the past six years by all parties.

We Need Your Support Today!

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