The Candidate's Pledge

Women Matter Canada acknowledges that biological sex is real, and that this biological reality is at the core of what it means to be a woman.


Since 2017 the Canadian government rewrote the definition:


Women: All people who identify as women, whether they are cisgender or transgender women. Source: Justice Canada Website:


Male bodied persons may now have unfettered access, by law, to women’s bathrooms, rape shelters, changing rooms, prisons, and sports, simply by declaring they self-identify as a woman. Further, when we  object or express our discomfort with their presence, you can face serious repercussions from issues with employment to losing access to facilities to a number of other ramifications.


We believe that women and girls suffer when the meaning of woman is separated from the biological reality of the female form and reduced to an ‘identity’. The loss of private female spaces in changing rooms and in prisons, the loss of fair competition in sports, and the loss of bodily privacy and the dignity to define our reality, has and will continue to have a significant negative impact on women and girls.

It is for this reason; we are asking all federal candidates to recognize women as a distinct class based on biological sex.  We ask candidates to affirm this reality by signing our pledge. Please read the pledge here.

If you are a candidate, and would like to sign the pledge, please contact us. Candidates who sign the pledge will be featured on our website and social media accounts.

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