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Current Campaign

Image by John Schnobrich
Our current focus, outside of elections, is to shine a light on different issues that matter to women in the form of campaigns.
Our current campaign is focused on the changes to female sports. Biological males have been allowed to compete in female divisions based on self-identifying as girls and women. This has been detrimental as the physiological advantages males have has led to males completely dominating in women's competition and poses safety concerns, especially in contact sports. Recently the MacDonald Laurier Institute released a report that takes the position that male divisions in sport should become open divisions to allow for a variety of gender identity, whilst female divisions must remain for biological women and girls to ensure equity, fairness, and safety for female athletes. Just a couple of years ago World Rugby also published its research showing the safety concerns of biological males competing against females in a high contact sport.
Our organization sent a letter to each province and territory's minister in charge of sport (with the exception of Ontario, which will be sent once the election is over and cabinet is announced). We encourage you to also send a letter to your province's minister. Check out our guide to give you an idea of what to write. We also have a list of all provincial sport ministers with their address and email so you can contact the appropriate person.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women announced that they will be conducting a study on women and girls in sport. We prepared a Brief, which will be published on our website in mid-December. The recommendations we made to the Committee is to keep women's sports reserved solely for females; create a third mixed division or rename the men's division to "open"; and, everyone be given the right to compete, just not necessarily in the division they choose.

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