The rights of women and girls have been badly affected by all political parties and levels of government in Canada. We are telling those seeking our votes “If you won't respect my sex, then don't expect my x". This campaign originally began for the 2021 federal election and continues as provincial and local elections take place. To understand the issues, take a look at our short article about women's rights in Canada today.

We encourage all Canadians to join this important campaign.

Upcoming Elections

In 2022 there are a few areas where you can make a difference in ensuring our voices are heard that include:

  • Ontario provincial election

  • Quebec provincial election

  • Conservative leadership race

  • A variety of local elections, including trustee elections for public school boards across the country

Take Action

Join all political parties so you can take part in determining party policy and selecting a leader who will ensure women's sex-based rights are strengthened and protected.

See if any of your local candidates are willing to step up and fight for women's rights. Even if their party does not support what we are asking for, at least you know that if that person is elected they will be willing to speak up for women. If the candidate is independent then they are not beholden to a particular party.

Refuse your ballot. This is a better option than just not showing up. Your ballot will be counted. While you are unable to state a reason why, if enough people do this it is something that will be noticed.

Attend your local debate and take the opportunity to ask a question from our guide (these questions can also be used if you go to a candidate's office).

Purchase one of our shirts, bags, or stickers displaying your commitment to the campaign.

Download, print, and display or post our campaign graphic (below).


We Need Your Support Today!